COAST Bordeaux 2017

A scientific and technical event bringing together an international symposium of nearly 300 people and a Forum centered on exchanges between scientists, managers and professionals in the maritime sector and coastal management. Organized on the initiative of CNRS, Ifremer, MNHN, Bordeaux University, SFJO and  Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

This international event coincides with the 17th French-Japanese Oceanography Symposium.

Key words: Cimate and human changes, natural hazards, impacts, human and biological adaptations
International Conference topic:

Systemic and biodiversity evolution of marine coastal ecosystems under the pressure of climate change, natural and anthropogenic local factors

Open to the international scientific community working on the effects of global change on living marine resources and on coastal, estuarine and lagoon ecosystems.

Forum topic:

From vulnerability to adaptation to climate change, natural hazards and anthropogenic pressures.

With numerous but not exclusive exchanges between French and Japanese managers, professionals and scientists around the integrated management of coastal zones and the development of living marine resources

Some Key species: oysters, mussels, tuna, eel, ...


A synthesis in the form of a round table

To better inform media and users about the state of knowledge in the field of adaptation to the factors of environmental change and to illustrate, with practical examples, the difficulties already encountered by the maritime sector stakeholders to exploit a coastal zone subject to manifold pressures.

Contacts - Patrick Prouzet (SFJO) : - Philippe Bertrand (CNRS) :
Davina Martinez- Secrétariat Coast Bordeaux 2017:
© Colloque Bordeaux 2017 - Crédit photos : Nicole Prouzet