List of Members

  • Hervé Le Treut – Membre de l’Académie des Sciences – Directeur de l’Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace. Climatologist – France.
    Teruhisa Komatsu – President SFJO Japon- Tokyo University – Bunkyo-ku. Marine biologist – Benthic ecosystems- Japan.
    Kazufumi Takayanagi– Head of the Fishery National Institute  of the Seto Inland Sea. Marine biologist–aquaculture and global change – Japan.
    Stefania Sparnocchia– Italian National Research Council- Physical oceanographer- Data analysis and instrumentation – Italy
    Tamara Galloway – Exetre University- Professor of Ecotoxicology- Chemicals effect on marine ecosystems – UK.
    Audrey Minghelli- Roman– Toulon University- Satellite imagery analysis and coastal ecosystems.- France.
    Yves Hénocque– Ifremer – Public policies and integrated approach – France.
    Rafaele Siano– Ifremer- Marine biologist- Biodiversity of toxic algae and paleoecology – France.
    Angel Borja – AZTI – Marine biologist- Quality assessment of coastal ecosystems – Spain.
    Dano Roelvink – UNESCO- Coastal zone science and engineering – Netherland.
  • Hélène Rey-Valette – Montpellier University- Vulnerability and sustainable development of socio-ecosystems – France.
  • Rodney Forster – Hull University – effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems- UK