1. Climate-ocean and ocean-atmosphere interactions, from global to local.
  2. Changes in biogeochemical cycles, coastal inputs and  acidification of seas and oceans.
  3. Biological and chemical pollutions.
  4. Sea level, littoralization and artificialization of the coastal strip

Terms of reference: Coastal and estuarine environments are highly productive ecosystems that are interconnected and constrained by more oceanic (sea basin) and more continental (watershed) environments, which are themselves subject to the pressure of global climate change and influences of local and regional anthropogenic factors. This symposium session will focus on the  identification, quantification and analysis of pressure factors, from global to local level, and assessment of their individual and potential combination effects.

T. Senjyu – The Japan Sea

Y. Kitade – Formation Process of Antarctic Bottom Water

B. Laignel – SWOT Satellite

S. Agostini – Tara Pacific Japan leg

T. Nakano – Effect on environmental stress

Rodriguez and Del Amo – Decadal evolution of coastal ecosystem

J.-C.  Dauvin – The Bay of Seine


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