The RESOMAR symposium will be held this year in the framework of the international event COAST Bordeaux 2017 « Impact of global change on coastal ecosystems » organized by the CNRS and the Société Franco-Japonaise d’Océanographie, and including meetings with stakeholders and managers. The RESOMAR symposium will therefore take place from 6 November at 1:00 pm  to 7 November at 1:00 pm. It will precede the international Symposium which will start on the 7th at 2 pm and will end on November the 10th in the morning by a round-table discussion moderated by a journalist. The Steering Committee, which will take place during these 2 days, will consider the applications for support for workshops that it will have received before October the 13th. Lunches are planned before the start of the Symposium on November the 6th  and at the end on November the 7th. A convivial dinner will bring participants together on November the 6th  in the evening. Many RESOMAR members will participate in the COAST event. The participation to the COAST event  is distinct from the RESOMAR symposium itself and that it is necessary to register on the COAST site ( Finally, for those arriving in advance, a tour is organized on the Gironde estuary on Sunday November the 5th for a price of 30 € (20 € for students, 15 € for children under 14, free of charge for children under 5). Details are available on the COAST website. The registration  will be  made through the association Terre & @ Ocean