Impacts on socio-ecosystems and biological resources


  1. Marine ecosystems under pressure of climate change.
  2. Coastline and coastal ecosystem modifications.
  3. Coastal ecosystems under toxic pressure.
  4. Impact of global change on marine living resources and their exploitations.

Terms of reference:  Due to sea-level rise, the occurrence of extreme events (storms, tsunamis), and human activities, coastal areas are extremely vulnerable to erosion. On the other hand, coastal ecosystems undergo warming and modification of physical, chemical and biological characteristics of waters (warming, marine intrusion, acidification). Furthermore, they are often the receptacle of many sources of chemical and biological pollution which, in addition to global and regional pressures, degrade them and significantly reduce their resilience and ecological functions, based on a very high density and diversity of marine organisms. This second session will focus on the analysis and quantification of impacts at different scales of time and space and at different levels of complexity on the biological resources and socio-ecosystems that depend on them.