1. Sharing of spaces and diversity of uses: Marine protected areas, development of marine renewable energies, seaside tourism.
  2. Mitigation processes: development of artificial reefs and restocking experiments, restoration of key habitats, minimization of the ecological footprints of marine fisheries and aquaculture.
  3. Development of the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Terms of reference:  Blue energy development in France or more widely in Europe, within the framework of the energy transition policy, is a new space consuming activity that creates new ecosystem services. In parallel, an increasing surface of marine protected areas are designed to preserve environment, biodiversity and resources. In New Aquitania this is reflected by the creation of 2 marine parks: the Bassin d’Arcachon and the Estuary of the Gironde-Mer des Pertuis. It will highlight the steps taken by actors in the establishment of a dialogue  for the setting-up and management of marine protected areas, marine parks, wind farms, development of migratory fish systems and  concerted management at the scale of the watershed and its  adjacent coastal zone. Techniques for minimizing the ecological footprints of different uses on coastal and estuarine ecosystems will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on actions to develop farmed or wild seafood, restocking or enhancing habitat experiments and to increase the selectivity of fishing gears and their impacts on the sea floor.

C. Mariojouls – Mediterranean SRDAM

N. Aoki – Self-organized MPAs in Japan

M. Sato – Valuation of ecosystem services

Roth and Leleu – French Marine Nature parks

T. Yanagi – Coastal management method

T. Komatsu – Modern Satoumi Approach

B. Tramier – An oil spill in the Mediterranean Sea

J.C. Dauvin – Fishing on foot: a fishery issue


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